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Music for the Suburban Velvet Uprising

Suburban Velvet Uprising What is a SVU? It's a new emerging mind set that eschews standard suburban norms. Not quite a revolution - it' a velvet uprising. Little things like insisting on healthy organic food instead of fast food. Or riding a bike to the store, not just for exercise, but because it's unnecessary to drive. People tearing up their front lawns and planting their own vegetable gardens. A friend of mine and her family, to avoid waste, is NOT buying anything new for a year, though they could easily afford to. There is an endless list of things I could mention but the over all feeling (Obama '08!) of the SVU is of one trying to regain harmony with the world instead of consume it. A realization that we can't continue on the path we're on. I've been a middle class suburbanite all my life and things are getting interesting out here after many years of being ... the same. We change because we either "see the light" or "feel the heat." For one reason or another, change is coming to a suburb near you!

"I used to be in a one man band but it broke up. Now I'm in a two man band. One of the members is imaginary... I'm not sure which one."

Skyhead is a multi-instrumentalist who has been recording and performing in the Detroit area in a number of bands and as a solo artist for over 20 years including music in award winning animated films and a contributer to the Talking Heads Tribute CD which can be found at A steady diet of alternative public radio has probably ruined his chances of ever residing in a single style of music or of ever finding a band willing to create music that spans the many genres that interest him.

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