Untitled (Nude Tilt)


Nude guitars and tilted beats. Varying styles and moods. Influenced by prog rock, punk, and ambient electronica. Recommended to callous sophisticates and adventurous naifs alike.

On the streets (of suburbia) they call me Kewl B Murder, where the lawns are professionally manicured and the plasma screens glow without meaning. No matter. For those who care, there is hope in the air. Our nostrils sting with the sweet smell of the burning Bush. There is much good going on in Our World below the radar of mainstream media. A bigger Love. A bigger Mission. Take a look and take a listen.

Keep On Pushin’, My Brothers and Sisters.

Kewl B Murder

"I used to be in a one man band but it broke up. Now I'm in a two man band. One of the members is imaginary... I'm not sure which one."

Skyhead is a multi-instrumentalist who has been recording and performing in the Detroit area in a number of bands and as a solo artist for over 20 years including music in award winning animated films and a contributer to the Talking Heads Tribute CD which can be found at http://www.talking-heads.net/tribute/index.html A steady diet of alternative public radio has probably ruined his chances of ever residing in a single style of music or of ever finding a band willing to create music that spans the many genres that interest him.

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