Crafty guitar and meaty beats - Rocking electronic ambient funk will make you dance, bang your head and weep. Spiritual, Ironic, Political, Sarcastic and not at all pretentious.

"I used to be in a one man band but it broke up. Now I'm in a two man band. One of the members is imaginary... I'm not sure which one."

Quodlibet - Either a topic for (or exercise in) philosophical or theological discussion, or a light-hearted medley of well-known tunes.

A lot has happened in the world and to Skyhead since the release of the 2002 Obstructed View CD. The new CD, Quodlibet, Skyhead's 20th, chronicles those changes. Remember back in '02 when you didn't know what WMD meant? Well since then we've sent our children underprepared into a war of lies. We've tried to hold people accountable, gotten angry, sought spiritual peace and the strength to forgive while trying to keep our sense of humor. If this is your experience, then Quodlibet is your soundtrack.


I don't know why I have no arms I have no legs But this I know I'm not too proud to beg

I beg for Freedom I beg for Peace I beg for Mercy at your feet

This I Know This I Know

I have no eyes I have no voice But this I know I have a choice

I choose Beauty And the Truth above I choose to live in The kingdom of Love

This I Know This I Know

All is forgiven here This I Know

This I Know It bares repeating All is forgiven here This I Know

Skyhead is a multi-instrumentalist who has been recording and performing in the Detroit area in a number of bands and as a solo artist for over 20 years including music in award winning animated films and a contributer to the Talking Heads Tribute CD which can be found at http://www.talking-heads.net/tribute/index.html A steady diet of alternative public radio has probably ruined his chances of ever residing in a single style of music or of ever finding a band willing to create music that spans the many genres that interest him.

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